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The rules for Duelist Kingdom was different than the normal Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. This set of rules lasted until Battle City when a new set of rules were made. 

Rules for the DuelsEdit

  • All players start with 2000 lifepoints which is different from the rest of the anime which has 4000 lifepoints and the card game which has 8000 lifepoints.
  • Direct attacts aren't allowed so the opponent loses by battle damage.
  • Tributing was not required for monsters at that time. For example: you could normal summon Blue-eyes White Dragoninstantly
  • Normal spells could be used in the battle phase as long as it is face-down.
  •  Ritual monsters could be special summoned from the deck as long as the ritual spell card and the requirements were met.
  • Only one monster can attack every turn.
  • The destruction of monsters because of card effects result in the controller losing half of the monster or monsters ATK points as life points.
  • Equipt monsters can be used for ritual summoning since they are still counted as monsters.

Rules for the TournamentEdit

  • The time limit for the 10 star chips are 2 days.
  • An invitation must be given to enter. Everyone invited gets 5 invitation cards, 2 star chips, and 1 dueling gauntlet.
  • To participate in the preliminary round, one star chip is needed at least.
  • At least one star chip must be offered per duel.
  • Players without star chips are sent home.
  • The first 4 players to obtain 10 star chips enter the Duelist Kingdom Finals.