These are the rules of this wiki. 

Rules Edit

1.Please don't copy pages on other Wiki's unless their yours. You can use them as ideas but you have to change it to your own words.

2. Your title must have an indication on what your series is from. For example: (Dragon Ball) Goku instead of Goku. If your character has many series like comic book characters, place the company name for example: DC: Superman.

3. You must use either a "Canonical Article" template like the first  one below or a "Fan Work" Template like the second one below. Also, use the property template for fan work articles to show that it's your Fan Work like the third one below.

This article, Rules is a Canonical article meaning that it is official and is created by an official company and real like an anime or a book.

This article, Rules is a Fan Work article meaning that it is not official and is either based off of a different work like an anime or is completely original.

This article, Rules, is property of Zendarmanitan.

4. If you are making a Fan Work based off of a cononical work, you have to include the name of the canonical work in the title like "Dragon Bal Orbs of Destruction" or "Dragon Ball: The Human power". 

5. No swearing.

6. Don't spam.

7. Registering is advised.

8. Canonical pages can only have canonical information and canonical pictures.

9. Don't make more than one account. 

10. Add credit to your "Fan Work" pages but don't credit Canonical Pages.

11. Don't edit someone's "Fan Work" Pages unless it is a public Fan Work Page, you have permission, or you are editing for spelling and other kinds of mistakes.

12. Don't edit war. Contact an admin.

13. Don't steal the work of others.